Diane Hubka & the Sun Canyon Band, You Never Can Tell

We got a lovely write up and showcase at the Halen, Belgium based "Roots Time" website!
See it here (in Dutch) https://rootstime.be

Diane won third place in the Singing Competition at the
Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival !

Rick Mayock played/sang harmonies. You can see everyone who placed in the various music competitions here:





Diane Hubka & the Sun Canyon Band, You Never Can Tell. 

"Hubka captures the joy in Guy Clark’s “Baton Rouge” and will likely have you singing along to her version of Bob Dylan’s classic “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.” The traditional “Shady Grove” and Chuck Berry title cut are endearing as well, as is a brass-spiced cover of Randy Newman’s “Louisiana 1927.” Also likable are “Albuquerque,” a Western swing–influenced acoustic guitar showcase; and “Dancing with My Shadow” and “Belly of the Whale,” both of which were written by the band’s Rick Mayock, who chimes in on vocals." -  Jeff Burger

"Diane Hubka & The Sun Canyon Band wear their influences on their sleeves with pride as elements of everyone from the harmonies of Peter, Paul & Mary through Emmylou and even the husky vocals of Bonnie Raitt make appearances at one time or another; and that makes the world a good place to be in for once."

Rocking Magpie

"Diane is a finder of songs. She has a knack of knowing what songs work best, presented in a variety of genres. The way she and the band reinterpret songs is a stroke of musical genius, not to mention, their lyrical and harmonious original tunes."

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